CoverGirl & Olay

We’ve all been there:
you look in the mirror and think, “Who is that woman?
And when did those dark circles and little lines appear?”
COVERGIRL + Olay are ready to come to your rescue.
With the concentrated vitamin complex of Olay FaceFirm technology, FaceLift Effect Firming Makeup provides luxurious, flawless coverage and the deep hydration of night cream, leaving you with firmer, healthier-looking skin after just two weeks.
Meanwhile De-Puffer Concealer tackles eye puffiness and dark circles by combining Olay’s rejuvenating serum and cucumber extract to soothe and brighten your skin.
www.covergirl.comThe unique cooling metal tip ensures application perfection and massages concealer on as it glides over the under eye area.
Now you can greet the familiar face in the mirror and say, “I remember you. Hello, gorgeous.”

I received this product #ForFree #BzzAgent I have been using this product for now sometimes it is amazing . I have search for almost a year to find the right product spent lots of money. Wish I would have know prior to this campaign how amazing CoverGirl make-up was. Now I can say good-bye to the aging skin, fine line wrinkles as well as those puffy circles under my eyes. I highly recommend this product it’s awesome and works great………..


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