Clear Proof Acne System/Mary Kay

I received the Clear Proof Acne System for free Influenster .
It came with contents:
Clarifying cleansing gel salicyclic acid acne medication 4.5 oz
Blemish control toner salicyclic acid acne medication liquid 5 Fl oz
Acne Treatment gel benzoyl peroxide acne medication 1oz
Oil-Free moisturizer for acne prone skin
When using the Clear Proof Acne System make sure you are not using it with another medication because it could cause irritation to your skin.
Avoid contact with the eyes be careful not to get it in your eyes..
Clear Proof Acne System is awesome it manages acne reduces the number of blackheads and acne pimples and also keeps them from coming back.
Clear Proof Acne Systems comes with easy as 1,2,3 directions how to apply to skin and how to use it properly.
As we all know you see better results is you use the product as directed and as often as it says. I want to thank my sponsors #Influenster and #MaryKay love this product.

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