Your Smiley Kit contains:

• (1) package of K-Y® LIQUIBEADS®.
• Smiley360 Sharing Guide

K-Y® LIQUIBEADS® Vaginal Moisturizer. Feels like your own natural moisture. Allows you the freedom to be spontaneous. OVULE® Insert form for less mess.

K-Y® LIQUIBEADS® Vaginal Moisturizer is the first and only K-Y® Brand product in a less mess OVULE® Insert. It begins to dissolve within minutes, gently releasing soothing lubrication, while enhancing comfort to give you the peace of mind to act spontaneously.

The premium formula with highest quality silicone provides a cushion of moisture, making intimacy more enjoyable day or night. K-Y® Brand LIQUIBEADS® is the only K-Y® Brand uniquely formulated in a less mess OVULE® Insert to provide moisture where it’s needed most. Discreetly insert the OVULE® to hydrate intimate skin so you are ready for intimacy at any time.


I received this product #ForFree #Smiley360 Be spontaneous get the pleasure you deserve with #KYLIQUIBEADS

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