Kinetiks Knee Pain Relief Support Brace


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Knee pain relief support brace for women and men to reduce common joint fatigue, strains, and arthritis.

Strong and stretchable neoprene material promotes healing and knee pain relief by retaining heat, reducing irritation and speeding up recovery.

Provides enhanced flexibility and stability, aligning padded gel ring over knee cap to prevent excessive movement and add comfort for extended wear.

Adjustable and secure fitting with 3 straps and 5 Velcro tabs. ONE SIZE suitable for sizes 12-18 inches measured at knee circumference.

Two 7 inch flexible SUPPORT STAYS on each side of the knee help retain shape and position to avoid slipping.

The light weight flexible and stretchable properties of this high quality design offers extra strength and durability for long term knee pain relief.

I put this brace on my knee immediately , amazing product that being said from a pain scale 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest level of pain.

My pain was a 9 Immediately when I received I placed it on my knee after approximately with in an hour the pain dropped to a 2 being almost no pain at all. I highly recommend this produce it is amazing asd works.


This is showing how it fits perfect on your knee very comfortable padded………………………..


This is a demo and also letting you know that this product is Premium Quality and the Company 100% Satisfaction Guarantee are you money back Amazing Company. I highly recommend Kinetiks as having the best product.

Item is as described by seller.


This knee braces is very comfortable fit, it does indeed relieve pain.

This knee brace is made up of 1.Durable Fabric which should last you a life time 2. Gasket for knee Stablization that kinda help hold your knee from moving much 3. Flexible steel spring for support excellent support 4. Open cut to strengthen stability 5,6,7, Velcro adhesive tabs 8,9 extra velcro attachments for extra support.

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I reviewed this product for free #Tomoson as well as my sponsor Kineticks . You can find this amazing product via amazon, By clicking the link I have provided below thanks.

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