Clear Premium Soft iPhone 6 Plus Case 5.5″ by Xinger Review


I received this amazing iPhone 6 Case for free in return of an honest review . This clear premium soft iPhone 6 Plus Case is high tech material, easy to place on your phone. You can find this amazing product by logging on to Amazon and tying in Clear Premium Soft iPhone 6 Case 5.5 By Xinger.

Ultra-thin design (0.4mm) — world’s thinnest iPhone case with air-cushioned bezel.

Adds almost no weight or size to the phone to maximize your iPhone experience.

High-precision molding ensures secure fit and alignment from cutouts for ports and camera to each individual speaker hole.

Micro Dot Matrix design on the back eliminates contact marks and maintains even transparency from corner to corner, even under harsh environments.

Life-time warranty from Xinger provides lasting experience and value of the product and what it protects.


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