VETRO iPhone 6 Ultra Slim 0.2mm Tempered GLASS


I received this amazing product in return of review Tomoson. This product is a very high quality product it is Smudge Proof, Eye Protection, Explosion proof and Super hardness.

Tempered Glass protector is made of chemical processed glass, which has excellent window display, high sensitivity, and comfortable touch feeling. It is anti- fingerprint oil coating, avoid spots and reduce the fingerprints on your screen.
The surface is hard, The tempered glass is slim, and it is a anti-scatter protection.


I purchased temper glass for my daughters I phone 6 Plus and something heavy got dropped on her I Phone. Well guess what happen? Nothing because she was protected with Tempered Glass. The Tempered Glass scattered but nothing happened to her I Phone. So that being said I can highly recommend this product because I have seen it in action. I will always use tempered Glass from now on for all Phones thanks for viewing Have A Great Day.


Stunningly clear pure glass. Crystal clear glass has much better visibility than plastic. You’ll forget it’s there! Zero hinderance to your phone’s beautiful display.

Our design covers the full size of the LCD screen. No more exposed edges of the LCD due to the curved screen edges.

You can find this amazing Tempered Glass Amazon by clicking the link below thanks


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