24K Gold Vitamin C Serum Hyaluronic PRIVATE

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I received this amazing product in return of review. 24K Gold Vitiamin C Serum Hyaluronic is a combination of Botanical Ingredients, High Tech science, and 24K Real Gold. This serum will moisturize, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, even skin tone, repair sun damage, and give you a golden youthful glow. I started using this product immediately upon arrival and it is amazing, I can feel the great moisturizer moisturizing my face.

From Nature
24K Gold.
Vitamin C – pH balanced and highly absorbable. Brightens skin, combats wrinkles and dark spots.
Vitamin E moisturizes and heals.
Rose Extract soothes the skin and gives the Xanadu serum a delightful natural scent.
P-anisic from the spice anise.
The Vitamin C in this product is great it has brightened my skin, I see the dark spots fading and also I can see some difference in wrinkles I sure as I continue to use this product I will see a lot of difference.
The Vitamin E in this product has really healed the dryness I have and has really put back the moisture in my face leaving it feeling smooth.

Supporting what’s already in your skin
Hyaluronic Acid captures and holds up to 1000 times its volume in moisture to your skin.
Collagen to support your skin’s own collagen.
Creatine supplies energy to your cells.
Beta-Glucan boosts the immune system.

From High Tech science
Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (Matrixyl-3000) is a peptide that specifically stimulates collagen synthesis and skin repair.
Epidermal Growth Factor stimulates new cell growth.
The Perfect serum for your face, made from the best botanical extracts and leading-edge technology.

Important Safety Notice:
For topical use only.

Not for use on mucous membranes.

Do not ingest.

Do not apply in, on, or around eye area.

Irritation may result.

If you do accidentally get some product in your eye, rinse with cool water.

Amazing Ingredients

24K Gold, Deionized water, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Collagen, Rose Extract, Hyaluronic acid, Creatine, Beta-Glucan, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (Matrixyl-3000), Epidermal Growth Factor, P-anisic.

Easy applying directions:
Apply twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, on freshly cleansed skin.
Avoid eyes and mouth.
For speedy application, pump the bottle top twice into the palm of one hand, rub palms together, then apply to face.
For luxurious application, place one pump on each cheek where your dimples would be and smooth onto face with your finger tips in a circular upward motion.

WARNING: The second method may leave tiny flecks of gold intact on your face for your friends to envy!
Get the shine you have always wanted with this amazing product.

http://www.isa-professional.com/products/xanadu Here I provide this amazing link ISA Professional where you can purchase this amazing product thanks


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