Shin Splint/Calf Compression Sleeves


I received this amazing product in return of a review. Alien Armor Calf Compression and Performance Sleeves it is one pair.

Alien Armor Calf Compression Sleeves work by increasing blood and lymphatic flow.

In sports, the garments are designed to improve performance and expedite recovery.

The main benefits of Alien Armor Calf compression sleeves is to keep your muscles warm to prevent muscle strain and fatigue.

Increased Power and Stamina For Athletes or Individuals. I have used them when running or jogging and it prevents cramps in my legs etc.

Also using Alien Armor Calf Compression Sleeves it has also helped in the circulation and keeps the welling down. Excellent product and I highly recommend.

Alien Armor Calf Compression Sleeves focuses your muscles energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration and long-term endurance while delivering increased power and stamina.

Alien Armor Compression Gear Specifically Designed For:

Designed For Cycling, Football, MMA, Running, Basketball, Soccer, Weight Training, Body Building,

Crossfit Training and all Ball Sports.

Also Helps Avoid Shin Splints and Soreness.

The Benefits of Alien Armor Compression Sleeves

Innovative Design That Conforms to the Body’s Natural Contour.

Superior Design and UV Protection for Years of Use.

Superior Moisture Management That Keeps You Warm and Dry.

Alien Armor Compression Fabric Reduces Soreness, Cramping and Fatigue.

Designed by a Team of Sports Professionals.

Alien Armor Compression Sleeve Highlights:

Increased Power
Increased Stamina
Increased Endurance
Increased Circulation
Increased Recovery
4D Compression

You can also find this amazing product by clicking the Perma-Link provided thanks


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