I-Phone 6 Pink Leather Wallet

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I received this I-Phone 6 case in return of review, This is a high quality case for your I-Phone 6.

Its is Synthetic Leather,has a place where you can add your credit cards as well as ID just like a wallet.

This I-Phone 6 case is in deed a kickstand mode.

The awesome kickstand mode lets you watch movies or TV-series without the hassle of trying to make the phone stand by itself or laying it flat down and watching from a bad angle.

It has a unique magnetic closure

The amazing magnetic clops let’s you open and close the case by just opening the front cover without ever touching the clasps. They let go and grip together again all by themselves.

It is designed with the front cut outs for your speaker as well as the Apple Logo

The front cover speaker hole is one of the best things about the phone. Just answer the call, then close the cover again, listening through the hole on the front, making it much easier to hold and less bulky.

This is is Esc=Friendly

And also what I like about it is it is easy access to all of your phone buttons.

You can log onto http://www.shieldercases.com to find more amazing products

You can also find this product by clicking the Perma-Link below thanks


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