2 Eagle ProFitness Wrist Wrap Combo

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This combo pack is ideal for anybody who works out with weights at home or at the gym.

Excellent high quality product designed with heavy duty material, very easy to use.This product is made of of one piece heavy duty cotton weave will not fray won’t rip in two

Both the wrist wraps and lifting straps provide much needed support and will allow the uses to increase their weights and reps.

This product has extreme wrist support by stabilizing wrists, muscles and tendons you reduce fatigue, increase strength , increase speed , reduce the chance of Injury.

Weather your competition training or recovering from an injury, correctly supporting your arms, wrists and hands will make sure you don’t miss a day in the gym

After using this product for lifting weights etc you will see the amazing results that this product helped you accomplish.

This added endurance and heavier weight builds muscle faster and tones the body quicker.

Giving your body the look you always wanted. I highly recommend this product due to the material is very durable and will last a lifetime.

Great Features below:

18″ Competition Weightlifting Wrist Wraps come With Fully Adjustable Extra Wide Velcro Closure and Thumb Loops For Easy Wrapping.

Used in Gym Training – Weight Lifting High Intensity CrossFit, Bodybuilding Olympic Lifts.

You can also find this amazing product on Amazon by clicking the link below thanks


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