Wine Aerator by Bar Brat


With the Bar Brat instant wine aerator pourer, you can aerate any red, white, thus releasing the aromas and oxidizing your wine and thus making any bottle taste significantly better.

You can watch the dual changer create the bubbles of your wine while you are poring your favorite glass.

Excellent product very unique, high quality material and very easy to use.

With the Wine Aerator you do not have to worry about your wine dripping from the bottle after each pour.

Brat Bars wine aerator significantly reduces any drips after your pour a glass of wine with the drip free pour spout.

Don’t serve red wines straight from the bottle.

Simply us the amazing wine aerator to show a touch of class thus getting your guests asking about your wine aerator.

Acrylic made for easy attachment that allows hands free aerating.

No need to use two hands with each pour of wine.

Durable and classy. After use, simply rinse with water and use for your next wine adventure.

It is the best wine aerator I have used thanks

You can also find this product by clicking the link below thanks


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