Wine Chiller by Bar Brat



The Wine Chiller is a 304 stainless steel rod that you place in the freezer, it chills wine from the inside versus placing your wine in a bucket of ice.

I placed my in the freezer and it was no time it was chilled, added it to a nice bottle of wine and it keep it chilled for hours.

Sweet item, I highly recommend this item if you have family and friends over on the weekends are just as a party.

If your wine is already cool, it will keep it cool longer…particularly in the spring and summer months.

Are even if your forget to chill your wine no worries, the wine chiller is always there.

But in addition, the wine chiller also comes with a black gravity lid that automatically opens when you pour wine, a pourer that helps keep the wine from dripping when you pour, a stopper of course, and finally the pour helps aerate the wine a bit when you do pour.

This is the perfect item if you love wine, enjoying hosting parties.


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