Organic Vitamin C 20% Serum


Enjoy the benefits of this superior blend of 72% organic and 98% natural ingredients specifically designed to leave skin feeling and looking healthy and vibrant.

I have been using this amazing product and I have seen amazing results.

This Vitamin C Serum works great, its like any other product always use as directed to see awesome results.

In addition to 20% Vitamin C, this unique anti-aging serum contains an antioxidant rich mix of vitamins and botanicals that combine to make the mirror your best friend again.

This Vitamin C Serum is VERY fresh.

Love the fact that this product is Organic.

Leaves your face with a smooth look and a very healthy GLOW.

It takes only small amount for Vitamin C Serum to be effective, it must be fresh.

Elleda’s Vitamin C is highly stable ester form and will be converted to a potent ascorbic acid only after it is applied to the skin.

Manufactured in USA and is FDA-approved .

The effect of our Vitamin C 20% is immediate and long-lasting.


THE ONLY Vitamin C Serum formulation to contain a CLINICAL, optimal blend of powerful and effective ingredients that gives you firm, hydrated and supple skin.

Elleda’s formula is blended with plant derived powerful moisture binding ingredients that keep skin plump and hydrated.

The Serum includes Aloe and Jojoba making it a flawless hydrator and the preferred natural moisturizer for dry skin.


Bringing years of skincare formulation experience, ELLEDA’S formulator has designed their Serum to rejuvenate skin while aiding with redness, acne scars and sun spots.

This Serum can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful glow.

Take a look at Others reviews to read firsthand accounts of how this serum has helped improve skin of all types!



MADE IN THE USA Unlike other formulations, this Vitamin C Serum is 100% free of parabens and sulfates.

Elleda manufacture a fresh, preservative free serum and choose to keep their products free of such harmful irritants.

Elleda think it is wasteful and archaic to test on animals and consider such practices unethical.

Elleda’s bottle, dropper, label and formulation is made entirely in the United States of America.

USES THE POWER OF HYALURONIC ACID this powerful moisture binding ingredient holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water, enabling your skin to stay hydrated and fresh looking.

Hylauronic Acid helps keep your skin smooth, plump and pillowy.

This powerful ingredient is also found naturally in the skin, but diminishes with age, especially after age 40.

ALL SKIN TYPES Works beautifully on all skin types and is designed especially for women over 30 years old.

You can find this product via Amazon by clicking the link below thanks


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