Power Inverter

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1300 Watt Power Inverter converts 12V DC to 110V AC with required battery clamps for heavy usage

USB port(DC 5.0V/5A Max)lets you charge multiple additional devices from a single DV charge

Comes with a fully grounded AC Outlet that prevent shortages and powerful fan to generate power

Audio Alarm warns when low battery level’s low,which allows notification prior to auto-shutdown.

No mounting required. Highly portable and easy to install and simply to plugged in

I have always worried about the power going out in my home but now no worries this product is amazing.

In less than 30 seconds, this inverter turns any vehicle into a mobile power generating station.

Whether Im out camping, are my vehicles stalled, or there’s a power outage in my neighborhood, we’ve all experienced a time when we wished we had electricity.

I have no worries now because I have this amazing POWER INVERTER that has the power to run almost anything.

This Power Inverter Is 1300W 12V DC to 110V AC Power Inverter with modified sine wave, which is more than enough to jumpstart any 110V AC power device.

It also comes with 12V car battery cable with clips, so you can connect to your vehicle right away.

Cigarette charging cable, so you can immediately have power in your vehicle for low power draining devices, like smartphones, laptops, or handheld video games.

USB port so you can charge any USB device, without the purchase of adapters.

Fully grounded AC outlet, so you can prevent shortages.

Internal cooling fan that keeps the inverter cool over time.

Attention grabbing alarm that lets you know when the battery has low power, so you can have an advanced notice prior to the device shutting down.

Auto-shutdown that prevents inappropriate use, like running more than recommended duration or voltage.

In case of an EMERGENCY I all set with this amazing Power Inverter.

This amazing product will be on my possession at all time.

In case of EMERGENCY i will always be able to use my cell phone, eat, stay cool or warm will always have light ETC

I highly recommend this product, with all the storms popping up here and there I think everyone should have Power Inverter in case of emergency .


You can find this amazing product via AMAZON by clicking the link provided below thanks



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