Vent car phone holder

resize_41a732adc4cfbd58c79a22b0f8cf9a8c07f941c7846720ca459f4f09f0b079c987088bed128128                   resize_8e02b9552b88a1aadb0baa8eaefd9aeadbbd9761428405654bce07fe1040c32b7aabfb1e128128               resize_a0e42f0c360ec43b41230498ace0cf0ed2b04180a9382c29b2cbc33de56b3c60288f19b6128128

Vent Car Phone Holder Easily movable without suction cup marks

This product fits in multiple vent locations on your dashboard

Full 360 rotation for side mounting phone holder

Highest quality material with internal steal skeleton for strength

No more far away reach to the wind shield or where ever you place your phone

This product rotates to the side for different view

Fits in your pocket when travelling or using a rental car

I received this product not only does it fit my cell phone Im excited because it also holds my GPS.

High quality product thanks

You can also find this amazing product by clicking the link provided thanks


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