CortiSLIM Burn

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New CortiSlim Burn with raspberry keytone is an advanced fat burning weight loss formula designed to safely burn more fat when used as recommended.

This product is excellent works great I started using this product immediately upon arrival, if used as directed with exercise and plenty of water you to can see amazing results.

This unique product burns fat and increases your energy to gives you lots of energy , you will be very active in all you do throughout the day even burning more fat as you work.

Clinically Tested to Work!

CortiSlim Burn contains our proprietary Bioactive Burn Matrix, which includes Razberi-K, a potent thermogenic agent, clinically tested to help you burn more fat after exercise.

The Bioactive Burn Matrix also provides a fat burning one-two punch with its thermogenic blend of green tea and caffeine.

This powerful combination has been shown in clinical studies to increase energy all day long, while burning as much as 35% more fat, vs. placebo.

In a study conducted on one of the key ingredient combinations green tea & caffeine found in the CortiSlim Burn Bioactive Burn Matrix, subjects burned, on average, 103 grams of fat in 24 hours versus an average of 76.3 grams for the placebo group.


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