2 Sets of Micro LED 15 Warm White Lights

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15 Super Bright Warm White Color LEDs Lights on 5 Ft Long Silver Ultra Thin Wire with 4 Inches Distance Between LED Bulbs and 12 Inches Clear Cable Between Wire and Battery Box. TOTAL STRING LENGHT OVER 6 FEET.

I received these amazing decorative light and Im very please with this product.

I used my decorative light to decorate and unique basket for an event and it was very beautiful.

Ultra Thin, Bendable but Sturdy Wire with LED Lights is Totally Submersible but NOT BATTERY Box

These 15 LEDs Micro LED Battery Operated String Lights are perfect for use as a lighting addition to any decorative project.

I will be using these amazing decorative lights for many occasions.

Easy to use and the batteries have excellent life

Very thin wire hosts 15 very small LED bulbs that are about size of the rise grain and are intensely bright.

With steady 360 degree viewing angle they illuminate in every direction.

When used with new batteries they last for over 24 hours.

They are easy to hide, give beautiful true color and use fraction of energy needed by regular light strings.

These lights are also defined Starry String Lights or Fairy Lights.




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