FurBuddy Pet Grooming Brush Kit

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This All in One Grooming Kit Comes Complete with Slicker Brush, Pin & Bristle Brush, Undercoat Rake/Dematting Tool.

THE Slicker brush is Great for removing tangles, dead hair and making the coat fluffy on your cats and even great for your dog.

It’s self cleaning action extends the brush life and makes clean up a breeze the animal hair comes out very easily out of the brushes.

The rake has sharp double-sided blades that easily remove mats and knots without damaging the coat length very safe for your pets.

Great for Shaping, Finishing, Thinning and De-Shedding.

Creates the Look of Hand-Stripped Finish in Minutes.

Finally THE BRISTLE PIN BRUSH Helps Remove Loose Hair and Tangles While the Bristles Side Removes Debris and Loose Hair and Redistributes the Natural Oils for a Healthier Shiny Coat.

Excellent Grooming Results For ALL Small, Medium or Large Dogs & Cats that have Thin, Medium and Thick Coats or Sensitive Skin.

Ideal for daily brushing of pets, great grooming kit it has really been great for my pets.

I have a Lab and he licks it fur all the time , but know since Im using this FurBuddy grooming kit he doesn’t lick his fur as much.

Prevents matting and removes dead and shedding fur. Provides excellent grooming results in minutes with minimal effort.

Since I have been using this kit it has indeed cut down a lot of the loose hair around the house.

Non-slip Handle and Ergonomic Design Provide a Gentle But Effective Way of Grooming Your Pet.

This Grooming Kit Will Reduce Pet Hair in Your Household and Help Eliminate Mats & Hairballs.

Your Pet Will Love Being Brushed.

It’s The Best Pet Grooming Kit for Any Type of Dog or Cat.



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