Strand Maximizer

Are you a man or woman with thinning hair? Do you look around and wonder why it seems like so few people are loosing their hair these days? The realty is there many of these people actually have thinning hair also, they just know how to conceal it properly. Using Strand Maximizer you can easily join the masses by using our hair fibers to conceal your hairloss giving you the appearance of a full head of hair.
Why Choose Strand Maximizer?
The Perfect Solution For Both Men & Women

Works Instantly! Eliminate the appearance of thinning hair or balding spots.

Undetectable and blends in perfectly with your own natural hair.

Not greasy or oily, keeps your hair light and bouncy with added volume.

Stays in all day even with elements like rain & wind. Washes out at night with any shampoo.

Perfect for people who don’t want to take medication like Propecia or Rogaine for their hair-loss.

However if on medication, makes a great added bonus to fill in your thinning hair during the regrowth process.

Strand Maximizer Works On All The Following Types Of Hair Loss:
Diffuse Thinning Hair In Both Men & Women

Bald Spots On The Crown

Wide Hairline Parts, Making Them Appear Smaller

Thinning Hair On The Temples And Sides of Head

Works On All Hair Colors!


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