Emergency Survival Whistle

I received the Survival Whistle in exchange of review #cldbrandswhistle #tomoson

Stop looking! You’ve found the Best High Decibel Emergency Survival Tool on Amazon. This multi-purpose emergency whistlel is the perfect travel mate for the adventurist in you.


Nylon hang rope for easy carrying and security
Great for outdoor activities like gardening, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, and more
Easy to use and carry
Store it in your car when not in use, so it could be handy in emergency situations
Standard military high decibel sound
The compass: precise and clear
Accurate thermometer
Survival reflective signal mirror (uses sunlight reflection principles providing search and rescue personnel information on your current location)
Using the theory of reflection the magnifier helps you start a fire
.LED flashlight
Gas-tight compartment (before heading out please write your name,address,phone number and your blood type in oder to let rescue personnel have your information in case of an emergency.)

What’s in the box?
One (1) Survival Whistle
Electronic Delivery of Survival Guide eBook. Should you have trouble receiving it please contact us and we will email it immediately.


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