MFLO Selfie Stick

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I received this amazing MFLO SelfieStick in return of review. This selfie stick is a great assistant when trying to take photos of yourself and others. This monopod provides you with the ability to take great self portraits or get above the action with your camera! It takes amazing picture you don’t have to worry about cutting any one out of the picture, because with selfie stick it gives you a wide range getting everyone in the picture.

Sick of others taking bad angle photos of you that make you look ugly or fat? You can take the perfect selfie for yourself and your friends with our selfie stick. Extendable stick as long as 105cm, with adjustable holder it allows random rotation of shooting angle, until you find the best shooting angle.

The main features of this amazing selfie stick are as listed below.

Includes camera phone mount that fits most phones and cameras.

Extendable handheld selfie stick for Android , IOS Devices and Digital Cameras

Adjustable phone adapter fits all phone width less than 6-8 cm

Monopod also fits camera with 1/4 inch screw Adjustable ball head and thumb screw of monopod locks for

multiple angle shooting with 180 degree position.

Perfect combination for the users taking photo themselves with their iPhones. – Anti-slip handle.

Collapses down to 24cm and extends all the way out to 100cm.

Eliminates the need to have strangers snap your pic.

Package Includes:

1 x Monopod selfie stick
1x Phone Clamp with adapter

Compatible with most phones works with IOS and Android! Compatible with IOS 4.0 and Android 3.0 system or above! It even works with the larger screen size phones, e.g. iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Note4.

No need to pairing bluetooth, No hassle of carrying remote, No need to install any apps, Just plug and play.

You can find this amazing product on Amazon by clicking the perm link provided


CELFIE Stick! Bluetooth, Button IN HANDLE, Long! Review

This view is everything included. Easy to use.

The amazing Celfiestick.

The actual stick.

I received this product for free #Tomoson in return of an honest review. The Celfie Stick is what you need to up your selfie game to the next level.

Don’t be fooled by other selfie sticks on the market, this one has high end features the others don’t.

Super long extendable length for far-away selfie, yet condenses in size into the handle.

The mount is Very strong mount you can trust with your phone and is high quality material.

Most importantly, the shutter button is IN the handle! No more cheap-o separate remotes.

The Celfie Stick easily pairs by bluetooth to your phone, and comes with a cable for recharging!

You can find this amazing product by clicking the perma link below thanks for viewing.