Car Seat Back Protector/Cover Review


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  • The product is a mat that covers the back of your car seat to protect your car from dirt, scuff marks, usually caused by active little feet.
  • It is amazing also keeps those little chocolate fingers off the back of my seat. Love it…………………………………………..EXTRA-LARGE KICK MAT provides better coverage for your upholstered or leather car seats. Each car seat back protector is 47×60 CM (18.5×23.6 inches)
    Made of high quality, durable materials that would LAST A LIFETIME.
    EASY TO CLEAN. The water resistant and non-absorbent surface protects your car seat from moisture, dirt, stains, scuff marks. Easily clean dirt with wipes or wash with cold water and mild detergent.
    EASY TO INSTALL. Easily fastens securely at the headrest and bottom of the seats using adjustable straps. Designed to fit most vehicles, even SUVs.
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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