I received this amazing product in return of review . This product is an amazing product that adds enjoyment to all coffee lovers. Just think back in the old days the  legos you stack them away on your cabinet beside coffee pot well organized #Tomoson #expressostackcups  you can find this amazing product on amazon


Cordskinz Review


Pick your color and create your own unique style! Mix and match to make a bold statement, or coordinate cordskinz to your phone or mobile device for a high-end look. The choice to stand out or blend in is literally at your fingertips.

I received this amazing product from in return of a review. Cordskinz are amazing use them on your earbuds and guess what no more tangled Earbuds.

They are Anti-Tangler , They are a great Protector, Cordskinz are very simple to use , lightweight.

Cordskinz are a very fashion accessory you can purchase in any color you would like they are amazing.

I love living the untangled life with Cordskinz.

The skinners handcrafted design allows you to add new skins inn seconds. It is quick and effortless, so you’re free to change your Cordskinz in a flash to fit every mood or activity.

Simple place earphone wire in skinner grove.

Hold wire with thumb and thread Cordskinz into cylinder opening slit side toward wire Twist Cordskinz until it catches.

As Cordskinz catches onto the wire, hold Cordskinz and pull through to skin the wire .Trim excess for custom fit.

Cordskinz is advertising that is you buy two get one free at a simple low price. Get you amazing Cordskinz today and protect your Earbuds.

Go check out the web site to view all the amazing colors and low prices today at

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The Skinner’s handcrafted design allows you to easily skin-on a new color whenever you want a fresh look. It’s quick and effortless, so you’re free to change your cordskinz in a flash to fit every mood or activity!

No more pulling tangled earbuds out of your pocket or bag!
With Cordskinz you can accessorize your look, protect your earbuds & enjoy
a tangle-free experience every time!


At 0.21 grams per inch, cordskinz is virtually weightless. An essential accessory, cordskinz will lighten your load and simplify your life as you jog, bike, climb or play. It won’t weigh you down while you step it up in comfort!


No more pulling tangled cords out of your pocket or bag! Take your earphones wherever you go with confidence. Flexible enough to wrap around a mobile device, or simply throw them in your gym bag. Either way, you can count on a tangle-free experience every time.


The Skinner’s handcrafted design allows you to easily skin-on a new color whenever you want a fresh look. It’s quick and effortless, so you’re free to change your cordskinz in a flash to fit every mood or activity!

This is a little about how Cordskinz became about love it also their mission.

About Cordskinz:


Our Story:

In the spring of 2011 while making a phone call to her sister, one of our founders got frustrated with her tangled earbuds for the last time.

It didn’t take long to discover that the same struggle and frustration with this tangled mess was shared by many others around the world.

The result? Our ingenious, yet simple little product named Cordskinz was born.

Since that spring day, we at Abba Daddy have devoted our time to fine-tuning a product that would give the world the solution to their problem and allow them to start living the “Untangled Life.”

Our Mission:

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

It is our mission at Abba Daddy LLC to give back to the world.

We believe it is important to lift one another up and express the love of God in action. Below are some of the organizations that we will be supporting in their efforts to help people “Untangle their Lives” with their specific callings.

Wolsport Knee Support Sleeve Review


I received this amazing product for free #Tomoson.

This amazing product will protect your knees from future injury or risk of damage.

The protection is especially important for knees put under great daily pressure (running, jumping, weightlifting)

It adds valuable compression element that increases blood flow and reduces pain and swelling in your knees, not only during but also after performance.

This amazing sleeve provides warmth, limit patella movement and increases the capacity to feel the position of a joint in space as sensed by the central nervous system.

It is easily adjusts to the shape of your body without compromising comfort.

Four-way stretch technology ensures that sleeve is light, durable and will stay in place even on wet skin

Special design in the middle of the sleeve helps to provide compression focused specifically on your knee

Made of 50% spandex, 25% elastic band and 25% nylon with the latest knitting technology

GrandChild Snow Sledding Kansas


Ella is a mess every time she would start down that huge hill she would yell Nana look at me she wanted her picture taken


Ella Brooke she had the worse day ever she face planted for the first time she didn’t like that at all , this was her first time but she got right back up and started all over again.


And she looses control


And she is down but loving every moment of it.


We really had loads of fun with the kiddos. She is a trooper she is our princess.

Unique iPad Keyboard Review

I reviewed this amazing product for free via Tomoson in return of an honest review. I love the keyboard it is amazing easy to use.I love the fact that it flips up very unique product.


SleeKeys is an iPad case with an integrated physical keyboard.
What makes SleeKeys unique is the way it interacts with the iPad. SleeKeys doesn’t use Bluetooth, batteries, or wires.
The keyboard interacts with the iPad by being flipped onto the iPad screen which is how SleeKeys can operate without electricity of any sort.

IArrow iPhone 5 Screen Protector

I received this amazing tempered glass screen protector for my iPhone for free in return of an honest review. I have been using tempered glass protection for all my iPhones and would not consider any other product. The tempered glass has really been great. I have also intro ducted this product to all my family and friends and they all are also using it.


There are five reasons you should consider the purchase of tempered glass for your phone protection

It protects more of your iPhone 5’s screen than other products on the market! Designed for maximum coverage.

2.5D radians precision cut rounded edge design! The corners are rounded to provide a comfortable grip and to help deflect shock from bumps and drops.

It’s practically invisible! You’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing your iPhone 5’s screen is protected, but you’ll soon forget the Tempered Glass Screen Protector is even there. It’s that crystal clear!

Easy-application kit included! We’ve included a cloth, isopropyl alcohol solution and step-by-step guide to make the application of your screen protector a breeze!

You can find this amazing product by clicking the permalink to Amazon below.

48 Premium Chalkboard Labels by KANAS

I receive this product for free via Tomoson I love creating labels its so country. These labels are amazing change it up a you go.You can choose from four different sizes of your choice. Stay organized with these amazing Kanvas labels.


Do You – Choose from four shapes to fulfill your creative desires!
-Be Bold – Our labels add an extra touch of craftiness to almost any surface.
-Stay Organized – Use labels to keep things where they belong.
-SMILE and be smiled upon – People go nuts over these labels. Just be ready for a steady stream of smiles headed in your direction.