FurBuddy Pet Grooming Brush Kit

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This All in One Grooming Kit Comes Complete with Slicker Brush, Pin & Bristle Brush, Undercoat Rake/Dematting Tool.

THE Slicker brush is Great for removing tangles, dead hair and making the coat fluffy on your cats and even great for your dog.

It’s self cleaning action extends the brush life and makes clean up a breeze the animal hair comes out very easily out of the brushes.

The rake has sharp double-sided blades that easily remove mats and knots without damaging the coat length very safe for your pets.

Great for Shaping, Finishing, Thinning and De-Shedding.

Creates the Look of Hand-Stripped Finish in Minutes.

Finally THE BRISTLE PIN BRUSH Helps Remove Loose Hair and Tangles While the Bristles Side Removes Debris and Loose Hair and Redistributes the Natural Oils for a Healthier Shiny Coat.

Excellent Grooming Results For ALL Small, Medium or Large Dogs & Cats that have Thin, Medium and Thick Coats or Sensitive Skin.

Ideal for daily brushing of pets, great grooming kit it has really been great for my pets.

I have a Lab and he licks it fur all the time , but know since Im using this FurBuddy grooming kit he doesn’t lick his fur as much.

Prevents matting and removes dead and shedding fur. Provides excellent grooming results in minutes with minimal effort.

Since I have been using this kit it has indeed cut down a lot of the loose hair around the house.

Non-slip Handle and Ergonomic Design Provide a Gentle But Effective Way of Grooming Your Pet.

This Grooming Kit Will Reduce Pet Hair in Your Household and Help Eliminate Mats & Hairballs.

Your Pet Will Love Being Brushed.

It’s The Best Pet Grooming Kit for Any Type of Dog or Cat.



FurBuddy Pet Grooming DeShedding Tool 100MM


Amazing product reduces shedding within minutes.

Removes up to 90% of the dead and loose hair without damaging your fur buddy’s coat.

This tool has been used and recommended by Veterinarian to be a very safe tool.

Groomers also use this tool for grooming pets.

This tool is better than other deshedding tool I have used for my dog.

Stainless Steel Blade: The Stainless Steel Edge Reaches Deep Beneath Your Pet’s Topcoat to Safely Remove the Dead Undercoat and Loose Hair Faster, Easier and Painlessly.

Silica Gel Handle protect humans & pets from skin ALLERGIES.

The first time i used this Deshedding Tool on my dog, I was amazed on how much hair it took off

I highly recommend I have a promotion going where you can receive 50% on this amazing Deshedding Tool by using this promo code provided at checkout.


Find this amazing product by clicking the link below thanks


The Mighty Duster Bed Bug Killer – Powder Duster

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Do you have bed bugs are even ants or nasty roaches?

We’ve got the solution.

This amazing Mighty Duster is a rubberized bulb engineered to disperse Diatomaceous Earth in a controlled manner.

Using the different nozzles, this duster an put powder where into any nook or cranny!

Here it comes to save your day…and night!

The Mighty Duster is the natural powder sprayer alternative to a caustic bed bug insecticide, spray, trap, and interceptor.


Bed Bug Control, simplified.

10oz dust holding capacity made of industrial grade rubber.

Simply fill it up with dust and spray away!


The Mighty Duster is The Elemonator.

The Eradicator. The Exterminator.

The Guard. The Blocker.

The Defense.

The Bed Bug Remover.

The bug butt kicker!



Features different tips lengths and widths to get into the smallest of cracks.

This insect killer is the safe guard you are looking for.

Also can be used to control roaches, insects and other crawlers.

Can be used in conjunction with bed bug bags bed bug mattress cover, UV light detectors or other treatments.

Here it comes to save your day…and night

READY – Loads up in seconds!

AIM – Choose the tip based on the bed bug battle field which lies before you

FIRE – Compress away!

SMILE – Safe for use all around the household.
Money Back Guarantee
Simply Put – We want the purchase to work for you. If for any reason this product is not meeting your expectations, just send us a note and we’ll be happy to take care of you.

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Dog Training Whistle


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Are you ready to send your dog to charm school? 
Well, you can stop looking now as you’ve come across the best ultrasonic dog training whistle on Amazon.

CLD BrandsTM whistle can be your most effective tool for teaching your dog to follow basic commands.

When was the last time you said “COME” and your dog came to you; “SIT” and they sat; “STAY” and they stayed put?

CLD BrandsTM understands! And, with a little bit of time, patience, practice and repetition you can train your dog for pennies on the dollar.

• Adjustable pitch whistle simply tighten or loosen the screw to work out your dog’s frequency.

NOTE: This whistle is audible to the human ear which is essential to gauge its efficiency

Ideal for summoning your pet without disturbing the neighbors

It is lightweight and may be worn on a key chain, or on a string or lanyard around neck. It even fits nicely in your pocket

Great for sporting events, as a safety whistle, for party favors or dog training
It is a safe and highly efficient product for pet education

I received this product for free via Tomoson.

I used this immediately to train my Lab different commands and he took right onto the little training session. Very unique little whistle as it says you can tighten it or loosen to make a different sound love it.


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You can find this unique #dogtrainingwhistle on Amazon by clicking the link below.


Pet Urine and Odor Remover


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Commercial grade Pet Odor Remover formula removes all types of pet stains not just urine stains.

Not only will our Pet Stain Remover remove pet stains and odors but stops your pet revisiting the same spot.

This is an awesome product I love it..

Furry Paw says enzyme based commercial strength cleaner has a fresh clean fragrance so no harsh chemical smell

And that is a True statement.

The product is as described by seller no more pet urine odor, and your pet will not urinate in same spot ever again.

I took and sprayed a lite mist across my carpet the first day I received this product and it helped amazing product.

For example, I have big dog and every time I leave the house I take him outside to potty, but he would still potty in my floor so I ordered this Pet Odor removal sprayed the mist across my carpet, I have been gone twice already and no more potting in the house it is amazing product and the house smells refreshed.

Unlike many other stain and odor removers we use a commercial grade Enzyme based formula and not harsher chemical based formulas which can damage your carpet and other floor surfaces and end up replacing one bad smell with another


Advanced formula product is formulated and manufactured in the USA and has earned the seal of approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute as being safe to use on your carpets

We believe so strongly in our Pet Urine Stain and Odor Remover that if you are not 100% satisfied with it we will return your money without question.

I highly recommend this product if you have pets it is amazing. You can find this amazing product on Amazon By clicking the link below thanks.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href=”http://www.tomoson.com/?code=BOTTOM5f0f4a88c17fdc79414c6cdf32b71b62&#8243; rel=”nofollow”>Tomoson.com</a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.