Probiotic Supplement 

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Probiotic Supplement — Doctor’s Choice: 12 Super-Strain Probiotics – 60 – 300 mg Veggie Caps 1 X Per Day – Contains Living Robust Intestinal Flora Strains — Acid & Bile Resistant – Has A Patented & Trademarked Human Strain Lactobacillus Acidophilus.
Our probiotics don’t need special capsules, coatings or gels to protect them, they are strong enough to out compete & replace bad flora without chemicals or mystery ingredients. How will a probiotic take over an E. Coli or Strep overgrowth if it’s not even strong enough to survive your digestive tracts own acid & bile? Our Vigorous, Rugged flora strains are strong enough to out compete the bad guys, but are gentle enough for the most sensitive stomach & are safe for men, women, and children.
This product and our specific combination of bacterial strains was created by a holistic physician with over 20 years experience. It is not a generic formula. Dr. Moore worked directly with the best probiotic lab in the country to specifically utilize the strongest probiotic strains available in the perfect proportions. Our Probiotic will proliferate throughout the entire digestive tract, even into the large intestine — helping you to feel light, clear & vibrant.

We are not selling a probiotic as some magical cure all, but as an important piece to creating optimal health. Each bottle comes with a FREE Nutrition E-book by Dr. Moore that has everything you need to know about healthy diet, & healing your digestive tract, plus sensible food recipes, juicing recipes, cleansing/detox instructions and a list of common digestive ailments and other natural supplements you can use to help heal yourself. Imagine how good you will feel when your belly is flat, gas free, and having healthy bowel movements!
Doctor’s Choice Probiotics, the “good” bacteria that perform important functions for digestive, immune, & metabolic systems. They produce enzymes that digest food, regulate vitamin uptake & produce nutrients. Balancing intestinal flora alleviates indigestion, inflammation & bloating. Improve digestive strength, mood, speed fat loss & reduce allergies. Fatigue & irritability can be from poor nutrition – probiotics create a microenvironment that promotes nutrient absorption, to help you feel happy & energetic.
Did you know the GI tract is responsible for 80% of immune system health? If we improve digestive function, we boost immune function. Reducing bad bacteria fights off infection. In a U. of Florida study, people were less likely to come down with a cold/flu when they took a probiotic vs. placebo. Probiotics shorten the duration of cold/flu by over 1 day. 37% of the placebo group spent more than 1 day suffering from cold/flu. Only 24% taking a probiotic got sick & when they did catch a bug, it didn’t last as long – an avg. of 1.8 days vs 2.4 days.
12 Broad Spectrum Strains (Lacto & Bifido)15 Billion CFU’s – Once per DayLong Shelf Life & No RefrigerationMade in USA & 100% Natural

Probiotics help make anti-inflammatory substances, have anti-pathogenic effects & regulate the intestines mucosal immune system. Studies show probiotics are safe for long term therapy. In a study of patients with indigestion, the most improvement occurred after 2 months of treatment; with 84% showing improvement in abdominal pain, 74% in bloating, 92% in belching, 88% in flatulence, 91% in diarrhea & 87% in constipation; with no adverse effects.


Blood Pressure Monitor 

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I love the fact that it does have Large Backlit LCD

This product is very Accurate, Intelligent Measurements

And alway come with Carrying Case

The quality of this product is great

Strand Maximizer

Are you a man or woman with thinning hair? Do you look around and wonder why it seems like so few people are loosing their hair these days? The realty is there many of these people actually have thinning hair also, they just know how to conceal it properly. Using Strand Maximizer you can easily join the masses by using our hair fibers to conceal your hairloss giving you the appearance of a full head of hair.
Why Choose Strand Maximizer?
The Perfect Solution For Both Men & Women

Works Instantly! Eliminate the appearance of thinning hair or balding spots.

Undetectable and blends in perfectly with your own natural hair.

Not greasy or oily, keeps your hair light and bouncy with added volume.

Stays in all day even with elements like rain & wind. Washes out at night with any shampoo.

Perfect for people who don’t want to take medication like Propecia or Rogaine for their hair-loss.

However if on medication, makes a great added bonus to fill in your thinning hair during the regrowth process.

Strand Maximizer Works On All The Following Types Of Hair Loss:
Diffuse Thinning Hair In Both Men & Women

Bald Spots On The Crown

Wide Hairline Parts, Making Them Appear Smaller

Thinning Hair On The Temples And Sides of Head

Works On All Hair Colors!

Quick Slim Pure

New SLIMQUICK Pure Protein is the only protein supplement designed specifically to help women lose 3 times the weight.* Plus, SLIMQUICK Pure Protein tastes incredibly delicious and provides 20 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per day!

Only SLIMQUICK Pure Protein is make with BioPure Green TeaTM , a natural extract that has been shown in a published clinical study to help overweight women lose 3 times the weight versus dieting alone, in just 13 weeks.*

Rest assured, SLIMQUICK Pure Protein contains natural ingredients, including whey protein, antioxidants, calcium and natural flavors.

Available in delicious Double Chocolate and French Vanilla.

Callus Remover

Love the cute look of those strappy sandals but wouldn’t dare let anyone see your calluses and the rough patches on your feet? You could visit the salon multiple times to get that skin scraped away, but who has the time and the money for that? At home, you can spend hours rubbing at your feet with pumice or manual files and shavers, but you’re likely to just end up with raw, red skin and a sore, aching wrist.
Fortunately, there is a way for you to get silky, soft feet that you’ll be proud to flaunt all summer long and beyond. The Naturalico Callus Remover is the answer!Naturalico is a foot exfoliation tool that gently lifts away dead skin and minimizes calluses. Less abrasive and much faster than manual files and pumice stones, the tool costs less than what you’d pay for professional pedicures to remove that unsightly skin.
With its powerful motor, our foot file spins a full 360° at speeds of 40 turns per second. That’s faster than competitors’ tools and means you’ll remove more skin every second. There are two speeds from which to choose for customizing treatment. Plus, our file is rechargeable, sparing you the cost and the planet the waste of replacement batteries.
Using the Callus Remover couldn’t be easier. Start with dry skin. Turn on the unit. Gently move it along your foot, pausing over rough spots and calluses. The integrated LED light will help you see those trouble spots with ease for improved effectiveness. When you’re done, rinse your feet with warm water and then apply a body lotion or moisturizing foot cream. Your feet will feel softer and smoother each and every time with calluses diminishing gradually session after session.

THE BEST Scar Gel – FLAWless 

A NEW BEGINNING FOR YOUR SKIN!Scar Treatment Targets Skin Imperfections to Eliminate Them Permanently

Say Goodbye to All of the Blemishes You’ve Wished Away!

FLAWless is a Natural Way to Clear Up Your Skin and Keep It Looking Flawless Amazing Results 

Within 6 weeks, your targeted skin flaws will begin to fade away.

Be amazed at how quickly your skin begins to look FLAWless!

 Restores Your Skin 

EGF-Epidermal Growth Factor-Is a breakthrough peptide which speeds up the production of normal skin cells, and replacing undesirable cells, so remarkable changes are both possible and permanent.

It’s time for the New You!

 Be Comfortable in Your Skin 

Get rid of those embarrassing marks, such as acne scars, keloids or chicken pox scars. 

Look your best and be proud of your skin!